Pressing News

by admin

The new album has gone off to the pressing place today the 14th of December 2022. The earliest you can look forward to hearing it is next August. If only we’d had the foresight to buy a pressing plant when we had the chance. I think it’s too early to even talk about it yet.

As Astronauts hasn’t gone to press I think that will be October next year at the earliest.

The book we spoke about in the last post will now be spring 2024 as I underestimated the amount of gassing, transcribing and editing involved. I didn’t expect everyone to be quite so oral in their history. But to my amazement it’s actually very absorbing. As was stated last time it will be available only from the fancifully designated¬†You need to sign up at the site to procure it. The ROCKET 88 publishing house promise to not spam you.

We’re working on some retrospective releases to accompany the book. Who has the Borderline tape of when we played The Lollipop Man?

Merry Christmas Folks

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