The Lilac Times By The Lilac Time

I’ve been writing a book since 1978 and I never finish it. But just like Lilac Time records when the others are involved I do manage to complete somethings.

Which is why finally there will be a book.  The Lilac Time telling the story of Lilac Times in the idiosyncratic way they remember it, sometimes nebulous, sometimes explicit. Nick and Claire and I  but also Michael Michael Micky & Melvin. And Cara. And Tarquin and Emma. And David.

As I’m interested to know what they wish to memorialise from Bob Lambs Studio in Kings Heath, to a basement in Cornwall via a farmhouse cradled by the Malvern Hills, perhaps you are too?

Along with all the written remembrances the book will be filled with lots of our photographs and artwork, scribbled lyrics, set lists and guest lists. So please join us.  The book will only be available at the fancifully designated You need to sign up at the site to procure it and all the extras that it’ll include.  The the self styled ROCKET 88 publishing house won’t spam you and by signing on you can seemingly be a part of the book. (You can tell I didn’t write parts of this can’t you).

2023 will host a trio of releases, of which the book will be the last.  Needle Mythology are releasing the triple album remastered version of Astronauts and the new Lilac Time album is ready to be released too.  Registering with will bring you closer to the reality and the mythology of all these things.

We’re here for you.