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hi folks

lilac11 is on it’s way. my superhero power is making music that sounds like it took six hours take six months. but that six months is up and soon it will be time to mix. with the vinyl lag it won’t see the light of day until next year. please form an orderly queue.

the astronauts thirtieth birthday release will also be 2023 for the same reason and also because it is a sprawling three vinyl and cd long player accompanied by an oral history written by peter paphides. he interviewed michael giri micky harris cary tivey allen mcgee and many others. it’s great, thank you peter. so the thirty second birthday box will be with you in the spring. peter said june but i’m an optimist. that’ll be on needle mythology.

we’re not playing live, but nick probably will be as he has turned into a veritable jerry garcia of the boards with we are muffy.

after the new album we have a sampler of the albums not released on vinyl between 1999 and 2009 followed by the albums in full with extras. there are a couple of live albums we never released and the bcc sessions. this is our endeavour but sometimes we need reminding, or someone to pay for it all and do it for us, like in the olden times.

thank you for your interest and your patience

with love

sd & tlt