Five believers five believers all dressed like men. Tell your mama not to worry because Yes, they’re just my friends.

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Hello due to illness, within the band and world, we’re not playing The Moseley Folk And Arts Festival this year. We will in 2022. We’re concentrating on getting better and making lilac 11.

This year The Hawks: Obviously Five Believers will be released on Seventeen Records. It’s 10 songs we recorded on cassette between 1979 & 1981. The last thing David Kusworth said to me at the Glee Club in 2019 was “Release the Hawks”. He had said this every time I’d seen him for years but this time with the encouragement of David Twist I began the process. We were about to show DK our work in progress when he died last September. This record is for him with love.

Later in the year Needle Mythology will be releasing a three record 30th Anniversary edition of Astronauts. The remastered album, plus a demos album and a live disc taken from the last tour of 1991. Pictures, essays, the whole shebang. sdx