by admin

We are playing the Port Eliot Festival on Friday July the 28th 2017 to celebrate our birthday.

We are 30 this year. We are playing as a trio again and in the Church.

We will play the first album all the way through as folks do these days and see what happens.

We are stoked to be on the same bill as Michéle Roberts and of course Nick Lowe.

We’re finishing our new album Return To Us but it will arrive after our world tour of Port Eliot.

I think the first album came out in November. I think it may be earlier than that.

It’s really really good by the way. The best we’ve made this century and maybe the last too. Which will make it the best ever.

It’ll be released by our good friends Tapete. Cloud PR are rumoured to be doing the PR.

Just when you thinks it’s all gone it’s all go.

See you there