No Sad Songs At The Port Eliot Festival

by admin

Following the success of No Sad Songs  “Britain’s Greatest Band” will be playing the Port Eliot Festival at 6.30 on Saturday August the 1st 2015 not as previously announced Sunday August 2nd.

This, their first performance since The Green Man Festival and Queen Elizabeth Hall shows in 2007, will be their only live date this year and will be the first as a trio of Nick, Claire & Stephen Duffy.

To celebrate we will release a 12 inch single including one song from the album along with three new unreleased tunes.

We are currently working on a rarities and live box set for release in January 2016 and the next album proper (lilac10 – working title The Second Post) for August 2016.

Praise for The Lilac Time and No Sad Songs:

Britains Greatest Band” – Caitlin Moran

It’s really nice you should hear it” – Dave Dimartino/Rolling Stone

“Why the Lilac Time’s No Sad Songs is the one album you should hear this week” –  Alexis Petredis/The Guardian

No Sad Songs is close to their masterpiece” Jon Dale/Uncut


“…beautifully mellifluous and impressively composed recordings” Roy Wilkinson/MojoMojo

✬✬✬✬ – Ed Potton/The Times

The Times

✬✬✬✬ “Bucolic serenity. . .Pleasantly substantial” WW/Classic Pop


The songwriter’s role is “Saviour of brutalist architecture and flower child.CHICKFACTOR INTERVIEW WITH GAIL!

“…a gathering of sublime vignettes…”Sean Guthrie/The Quietus

A BOUQUET!” says Mike Davies on FOLK RADIO

★★★★★★★★★☆ say FLIPSIDE!

Nick Duffy made films for the album here

Stephen Duffy talks about MY BIRMINGHAM here


If you want to talk to our promotions person he is Sean Newsham

Or write to us at the above contact click on thing x